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Compression Zone Reduces Soreness & Fatigue
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
  • 6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve
6.0 Compression Leg Sleeve



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  • From the ankle to the knee every XOSKIN™ compression leg sleeve contains RAPIDriCOPPER™ fibers to completely encapsulate the lower leg.
  • RAPIDriCOPPER™ wicks and dries very rapidly while reducing the co-efficient of friction on the skin surface because of the unique USPTO Patented PTFE molecules built into the yarn. The USPTO Patented Copper yarn reduces bacteria and promotes healthier skin texture, skin tone and overall a healthier environment for the skin surface.
  • Gradual compression combats gravity, by helping accelerate venous return or the flow of blood back to the heart. This can improve blood circulation and nutrient supply, help relieve the strain on the cardiovascular system and help lower the pulse rate. The energy this saves is available to you as an additional reserve during physical exertion.
  • Adjusting cuff for firm hold
  • XO-AirChannelDUCT™ for maximum air flow
  • Targeted compression zones reduce soreness and fatigue
  • XO-SHIELD™ inner and outer air flow channels reduce sweat

XOSKIN™ Tech Specs

  • designed for:
    Running, mountain biking, yoga, cross training, gym--everything!
  • fabric:
    XOSKIN™ RAPIDriCOPPER™ USPTO Patented technology
  • properties:
    Moisture-management, skin protection, anti-odor, skin wellness, 3D body-mapped, chafe-resistant, preshrunk, breathable construction
  • fit:
    Graduated Compression
  • length:
  • fiber content:
    65% RAPIDriCOPPER™ , 20% Nylon, 15% Elastane
  • care instructions:
    For longer product life, maximum protection and comfort, wash and dry using liquid fabric softener after each use (to lubricate the fibers for longer life). For optimal benefits, liquid fabric softeners are always recommended. Do Not Bleach. Wash Normal: 105F/40C. Dry Normal Medium. Do Not Dry Clean. Do Not Iron.

State of the Art-Not Status Quo. We think the unthinkable. Do the undoable. We invent the future and turn athletes into cutting edge market leaders. With our disruptive USPTO patented technologies and revolutionary approach, we take technology and design to the next level.

You need advanced 3D materials and disruptive technology fabrications to perform your absolute best. Thermoregulating sportswear will help get you through the toughest terrains and sporting activities. Achieve outstanding results, regardless of the conditions that lie ahead.  XOSKIN TOP STITCH PRO SERIES  RAPIDriCOPPER™ COMPRESSION LEG SLEEVES surround your calves like an integrated network of auxiliary systems, each providing a leap forward in thermal stability, wicking, drying, skin wellness, neuro-stimulation and muscle coordination.


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  • 2018-11-25 06:47 am

    Derby 50K with XOSKIN capris, shirt, and compression leg sleeves. Great products!

  • 2018-10-24 05:11 pm

    I recently took up distance running and noticed on my longer runs my calves would ache. I was pretty sure it was a circulation issue and figured I'd give compression sleeves a shot. After my very first use of my XOSKIN leg sleeves, I was hooked! That achy feeling is no more. I have worn these sleeves every long run/race I do. No worries about making your legs too hot because they don't. The added bonus is they keep the sweat from running down my leg into my socks and shoes. I highly recommend trying a pair. I'm pretty sure you'll love them as much as I do.

  • 2018-05-01 02:22 pm

    I just got my first 2 pairs (I say first, because I will be ordering more very soon) of these leg sleeves. I ordered black and yellow - pulled them out of their awesome packaging and I couldn't believe how soft they were! I immediately slid them on because I was going to test them out on a run! They are the easiest sleeves to put on - no kidding! For the first time I didn't have to struggle and pull to get the sleeves on - and the same goes for getting them off, even when I was sweaty! The sleeves slid on easily and throughout my run stayed in place...that's right, no movement, no sliding and NO ADJUSTING!! The compression level was perfect, not too tight squeezing the life and feeling out of my legs and not sliding off. My legs felt great my entire run. They remained dry and even with running on a 75 degree day they stayed dry and easy to take off. I cannot say enough GREAT things about these leg sleeves...if you're thinking of grabbing a pair (or two, three...) don't hesitate to give them a try. They will be perfect right out of the box and ready to go on an adventure with you!!


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At XOSKIN™ we are revolutionizing performance apparel with ground breaking technology for your comfort.  We give special attention to the weight and compressibility of the material.  Our designs follow the body’s contours providing ergonomic shaping with reduced friction and enhanced movement.  The trailblazing science behind our USPTO Patented RAPIDriCOPPER™ seamless innovations are reinventing how fiber, fabric and engineered 3D knitted construction function together to provide the best ultra, road and trail running base-layers, compression run shorts, capris, race and recovery compression socks and sleeves, all of which have been tested at some of the hardest races on the planet.

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XOSKIN™ RAPIDriCOPPER™ 3D seamless athletic sports apparel, ergonomic shaping, USPTO copper & PTFE patented fibers/yarns, USPTO design patents, short sleeve seamless, long sleeve seamless, sleeveless seamless, CAP short sleeve seamless, run seamless capri, ski seamless capri, run seamless short, unique 3D knitted structures, reduces friction and hot spots, rapid wicking and drying, inhibits bacteria and fungi, promotes skin wellness, promotes skin tone, healthier skin fabric, enhanced athletic movement.