XOSKIN™ Featured Athlete


Sarah Roberson, 36

Height: 5'5" | Weight: 130 lbs.

Sarah Roberson is a mother of 2 amazing girls, a lover of all types of fitness, a dream chaser, a goal crusher and receives great joy in helping others see their potential in whatever it is they want to accomplish in life. Sarah is a Frederick, Maryland native and has worked full time in the science field for 19 years.

Fitness has not always been enjoyable for Sarah; she struggled with her weight and eating disorders a good bit of her life. One day she decided enough was enough. She was setting a terrible example for her girls and she knew if she did not make a change they could possibly follow the same destructive path as her. 

Her journey has been one of ups and downs. Sarah started her journey to become healthy and fit by signing up for a group boot camp style fitness class. She found the support of others around her to be very encouraging and motivating and so her love of fitness developed. Sarah made a very hard decision to leave the group class to try her hand at in home fitness. Sarah signed up for the Beachbody program where she ultimately transitioned to becoming a Beachbody coach. Beachbody is where she developed her love of helping others transform their life through nutrition and exercise. However, with life comes struggles, which brings stress, and Sarah eventually gave up on fitness all together trying to just make it through each day.  

Sarah was then encouraged by a friend to start running. She laughed at this idea due to her always telling herself she was and never would be a runner. Deciding to give it a shot, she downloaded a running app, stuck with it and then challenged herself by signing up for a 10K. Crossing the finish line filled her entire body with a warmness of accomplishment, an excitement she never imagined-she was hooked. Sarah has been running ever since and has competed in many races around the state of Maryland. Running and training for races helped Sarah become more focused on her health. The feeling she gets from finishing a race has kept her pushing forward on her fitness journey and today she not only is in the best health she has ever been in, but is more determined than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah is very determined, when something scares her, she puts her mind to conquering it. The next step on her fitness journey? Obstacle Course Racing. Sarah has signed up for 2 OCR courses, Battle Frog and Tough Mudder, which she has started training for and will be competing in spring/summer 2016. 

What's her reason to keep going even when all she feels like doing is giving up, her girls. She wants to be present in their lives, setting an example they are proud of and showing them what it means to live life to its fullest.

Sarah is pictured wearing a size small XOSKIN™ Sleeveless Form Fit Base Layer.


"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences." -Eleanor Roosevelt 


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