XOSKIN™ Ambassador


Jordan young, 34

Height: 5'11" | Weight: 165 lbs.

Jordan is a husband, father, and fitness fanatic from Maryland. Growing up, he played a variety of sports which inspired him to pursue a career in athletic training. Jordan attended undergraduate school at Penn State University where he initially chose to major in kinesiology due to his love for physical exercise. However, Jordan developed an immense interest in law enforcement and he ultimately graduated with a degree in criminal justice and forensics.

Post college, Jordan took a job as a law enforcement officer, eventually becoming a member of his department’s SWAT Team. This position allows him to use his degree and has a heavy emphasis on physical fitness.

Outside of work, Jordan is an avid runner and gym rat. His day always starts in the gym or on a run to better himself both personally and professionally. He competes at an amateur level in road, trail and obstacle course racing; competing in over a dozen events a year in varying distances. To date, some of Jordan's favorite races have been the Frederick Half Marathon, River Valley Trail Half Marathon, Baltimore Half Marathon, Baltimore Ten Miler and Army Ten Miler.


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