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how it works while you work

XOSKIN™'s RAPIDriCOPPER™ technology reduces body heat by decreasing the skin to fabric friction while at the same time moving moisture faster over the PTFE fiber matrix causing the fabric and skin to stay dryer and cooler. The ionic copper fiber matrix reduces odor causing bacteria while helping to promote skin wellness and a healthier environment for the skin.

3D Seamless


Feature Benefit
90% fewer seams Supremely soft
Ergonomic shaping following the body's contours Enhanced comfort & freedom of movement
Performance and innovation from a blending of technical fibers RAPIDriCOPPER™  technology:  PTFE & Copper
Engineered zones of support, compression, ventilation & shape XO-SHIELD™, XO-AirFlowSPHERES™, XO-AirChannelDUCT™, XO-HVAC™, & XO-ElbowFLEXOR™

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XOSKIN TM Thermal Performance

Actual Thermal Images After 2 Hours of Exercise in the Summer and Winter

Summer 83 F

Summer back heat map.

Summer front heat map.

Temp Images

The activity in the interior of the 3D structures is visible through the rapid alternation of red, yellow and light blue coloring within the thermal images.

  • 1.3D XO-HVAC
  • 2.3D XO-SHIELD
  • 3.3D XO-AirFlowSPHERES
  • 4.3D XO-AirChannelDUCT

The complex system of engineered knitted zones operates in cold or warm weather by developing an interior dynamic that effectively reduces kinetic friction and increases moisture movement and dry times by thermal dynamics because of the uniquely designed 3D sweat traps and air channels knitted into the construction.

Winter 33 F

Winter back heat map.

Winter front heat map.

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