Registration & Warranty

XOSKIN - Guaranteed Skin Comfort


At XOSKIN, you do not need to register your product. You are covered under our Warranty from the moment you purchase your technically-crafted apparel. We warrant every product we make to be free of manufacturer defects. Should you have a warranty issue, simply return the item to us. We will repair it if possible, or replace all valid warranty items. Normal wear and tear, modifications, alterations, negligence, damage and use for a purpose other than for which it was designed, are not covered by the XOSKIN™ Warranty.

Product Warranty

The XOSKIN Warranty on all products is 12 months from the date of purchase when purchased online from or an authorized XOSKIN retail partner. Where allowed by law, the XOSKIN Warranty does not apply to purchases from unauthorized sellers, including unauthorized Internet sites.

Your XOSKIN products are supported with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers seams and logos.

Warranty becomes void if you have not followed the care instructions written on the web site.

Warranty is not valid for normal wear and tear.

XOSKIN will not repair or replace items that have clear physical stress such as rips and split seams, or where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.

We have the right to inspect claimed damages and decide on the outcome and cause of damage.

If we find upon inspection to be faulty at the fault of the customer, XOSKIN will not replace or make repairs.

What is "Normal Wear and Tear" ?

Product life cycle can be defined as anywhere from 6 months and up, depending on the use of the product. Normal wear and tear is defined, for example, as the wearing down of a fabric from a hydration pack, back pack, Velcro strap, a seam breaking, or material tearing while only wearing it for its intended use. Let's say you purchased one of our bottoms and you're an ultra-runner who logs over 50 miles per week. While most of our bottom models can get you as many as +-500 miles during the life of the bottom, chances are, once you've hit that threshold, the bottoms have undergone some substantial "wear and tear."

Our Guarantee


If you are not completely satisfied with the abrasion control and skin wellness, enhanced breathability, odor control, moisture movement and decreased weight of your XOSKIN product, then we will replace it or refund your purchase. If it has the XOSKIN label on it, we have certified that it meets our standard for its intended use.



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