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XOSKIN™ brings a 21st Century approach to clothing testing

The world of base layers and next to skin products is as complex and varied as the environments they are used in. At XOSKIN™ we have no axe to grind with any of the products that were randomly selected and tested.

At XOSKIN™ we build next to skin base layer products that solve problems and can make a difference in your performance and comfort. We evaluate moisture management, vapor transmission, vapor pressure, temperature regulation, abrasion control, co-efficient of friction, absorbency, skin wellness and comfort using the below test procedures.

We understand testing is not an exact science, however at XOSKIN™ we believe in testing our yarn technologies and knitted fabric constructions vs. doing nothing and simply calling our smart clothing “a big word”.



Highest Rated: Wicks Faster, Dries Faster, Reduces Skin to Fabric Friction, Inhibits Odor and Helps with Skin Wellness


Icebreaker® Sonic Wool (LEFT)


The North Face® FlashDry® (LEFT)


Under Armour® ColdGear® (LEFT)


For all "Thermographic Testing" XOSKIN™ retained the services of Mid Atlantic Infra-Red Incorporated to compare our base layer vs. the competition’s and put each through a series of tests to determine which is worthy of being considered the most versatile for all seasons and for use in aerobic activities.

*Registered Trade Mark indications for: Icebreaker is a Registered Trademark of Icebreaker Limited Corporation New Zealand, The North Face FlashDry is a Registered Trademark of The North Face Apparel Corporation, Under Armour ColdGear is a Registered Trademark of Under Armour Incorporated

Additional Third Party Testing | Test Methods

The other Test Methods performed at Third Party facilities include--ASTM D 3108-07 Co-efficient of Friction, ASTM D 4966 Martindale-Abrasion, MSC Vertical Wicking, AATCC 79-2007 Absorbency, AATCC TM 197-2011 Vertical Wicking, AATCC 100 and additional Thermographic Testing at Mid Atlantic Infra Red Incorporated--Comparative Rate of Air Drying | Impact on Skin Temperature | Powered Wicking Test | Thermal Insulation | Comparative Rate of Human Drying | Human Comfort Test. All of this information is available in a separate PDF for those gear heads that want more information.

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  • Test Method: ASTM D 3108-07-Standard Test Method for "Coefficient of Friction, Yarn to Metal", ASTM International
  • Test Method: ASTM D 4966, Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Textile Fabrics (Martindale Abrasion Test Method)
  • Test Method: MSC Vertical Wicking Test Method (PT-VW)
  • Test Method: AATCC Test Method 79-2007- AATCC/ASTM Test Method TS-018, Procedure for Absorbency
  • Vertical Wicking of Textiles - AATCC TM 197-2011
  • AATCC Test Method 100
  • Thermographic Testing-Permeation Kettles | Comparative Rate of Air Drying | Impact on Skin Temperature | Powered Wicking Test | Thermal Insulation | Comparative Rate of Human Drying | Human Comfort Test
  • Human data

XOSKIN™ RAPIDriCOPPER™ 3D seamless athletic sports apparel, ergonomic shaping, USPTO copper & PTFE patented fibers/yarns, USPTO design patents, short sleeve seamless, long sleeve seamless, sleeveless seamless, CAP short sleeve seamless, run seamless capri, ski seamless capri, run seamless short, unique 3D knitted structures, reduces friction and hot spots, rapid wicking and drying, inhibits bacteria and fungi, promotes skin wellness, promotes skin tone, healthier skin fabric, enhanced athletic movement.  


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